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Orange Kingdom Ehime

【HOME DECOR】Takasago Hagoita wooden paddle (with display stand)

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Product Description

Hagoita are wooden paddles that are considered to be good luck charms in Japan. In the past, they are used to play the game called hanetsuki during new year. Since the shuttlecock bounces away from the paddles, Hagoita also signifies "making evil spirits bounce away"and are now often used as a display for good luck.

The auspicious Takasago is painted on the Hagoita and depicting cranes, turtles, pine trees, sunrise, which symbolizes blessings and longevity in Japan.

The old couple in the painting also represents longevity and marital happiness, and the rake held by the elder man signify "gathering good fortune" and the broom held by the elder lady signify "dispelling evil spirits".


Details and Specifications

■Material: Wood
■Size: length 36cm (14.2inch) x width 12cm (4.7inch) x thickness 1cm (0.4inch)
■Weight with box: Approximately 820g