Specified commercial transaction act

Shop information

Shop name Orange Kingdom Ehime
Distributor i-Television Inc.
Sales manager Kazunori Sano
Address: 1-5-25 Takewaramachi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime Prefecture 790-8529
TEL: 089-921-2121
FAX: 089-921-5420
Mail address webmaster@itv6.jp
Homepage orangekingdom.com
Products handled Handicraft products, food products, daily necessities, etc.
Licenses and qualifications None
Sales quantity Please be advised that products are available only as long as stocks last. We will inform customers by mail if the products they have ordered are out of stock.
Charges in addition to the price of products: Mailing cost (costs differ depending on the area and product: Please check costs in your cart), bank transfer charges
*All product prices shown include consumption tax.
Application expiration  In principle, orders are valid for 5 days after confirmation of their receipt (confirmation is automatically sent by e-mail).   
Timing of delivery Ordered products are sent within 2 business days of confirmation of receipt of payment. Products are not sent out on fixed holidays (Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays). 

Regarding the Return of Goods and Defective Products

Deadline and conditions for return  Please contact us by mail if you wish to return a product. Products may be returned unopened within 8 days of delivery.
Please be advised that we cannot accept returned products or requests for replacements after the above deadline. 
Charge for returning products Customers will be responsible for the cost of sending replacements for returned products.
However, the Company shall bear the shipping costs for replacements for defective products or products delivered in error.
Defective products The Company will replace defective products with a new or equivalent product after checking stocks at the shop. If you wish to return a product, please contact us by mail within 8 days of delivery of the product concerned.
Please be advised that we cannot accept returned products or requests for replacements after the above deadline.

Regarding the Method of Payment

Method of payment  Payment will be accepted by bank transfer.
Deadline for payment Please transfer the payment to the bank account designated by our shop within 7 days from the date of order. If the payment is not received within 7 days, the order will be cancelled.
For payment by bank transfer, please make payment in advance.
Financial institution code 0174
Financial institution name The Iyo Bank, Ltd.
Name of financial institution in KATAKANA イヨ
Branch code 100
Bank account type savings account
Bank account holder i-Television Inc. Kazunori Sano, President and CEO
Bank account number 3874755

Ehime Prefecture, located on the southern island of Shikoku, is blessed with rich soil, warm sunlight, and a warm climate all year round, and produces delicious fruits all year round.

Among them, citrus fruits are famous as one of the leading production areas in Japan.