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Orange Kingdom Ehime

【APPAREL】Lightweight Striped Cotton Scarf (Natural botanical dyed, Pink / Blue / Grey)

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Product Description

Weighing only 36 grams, this cotton scarf is extremely light and suitable for all seasons, even in the summer.

The secret to its lightweight and softness is the usage of super fine 60 count yarn, which is rare in organic cotton.
Made using the gauze weaving technique, this scarf has no stitchings as well, and thus feels comfortable when wearing it.

Available in 3 colours (Pink/Blue/Grey), each scarf is dyed by hand using Japanese traditional methods, including natural botanical dye extracted from plants growing at the foot of Mount Fuji (Fujiyoshida City) and the mountain's clear spring water.

Details and Specifications

■Size: 33 × 180cm (13 × 70inch)
■Weight: Approximately 36g
■Details: 60/2 yarn, Organic Peruvian Pima cotton. Made in Japan.