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Orange Kingdom Ehime

【HOME DECOR】Lacquer Devil tile (with display stand)

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Product Description

This product is a collaboration with Kikuma-tile, a traditional craft in Imabari City.
Onigawara tiles are usually used as a type of roof ornamentation in Japanese architecture to ward off the evil and bring upon good luck.
This lacquered onigawara tile also has the meaning of connecting people and making them stronger.

"Oni" is an imaginary monster only found in Japan, often translated to "devil"or "demon". While it may sound evil, Oni is seen as sublime beings with power beyond the reach of human beings, and is also considered to be messengers of gods in Japan.


Details and Specifications

■Material: Kikuma tile
■Size: length 24cm (9.4inch) x width 23cm (9inch) x thickness 8cm (3.1inch)
■Weight with wooden box: Approximately 2940g