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Orange Kingdom Ehime

【BATH&SHOWER】Imabari 100% Organic Cotton Towel Blanket (Plain)

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Product Description

Made of 100% organic cotton and certified with Imabari Towel standards, this towel blanket will keep you cosy and comfortable all year round.

The fabric is woven slowly on a shuttle loom and has a high air content, which makes it very insulating and suitable in all seasons. The pile fabric is highly absorbent and prevents one from get chilly when sweating.

Made with 100% organic cotton, a NOC (National Organic Coalition) tag is attached to the towel. 2 yen will be donated to cotton farmers in India and Tanzania for every purchase.

Details and Specifications

■Size: 140 x 190cm (55 x 75inch)
■Weight: Approximately 1100g
■Details: 30/1 pile yarn, Organic Shanker 6 cotton. Made in Japan.