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Orange Kingdom Ehime

【TABLEWARE】GAZEN flat plate (Square Series )

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Product Description

The name "GAZEN" is derived from Japanese words "clay roof tile" and "dining".
The square plates in this series is made using the roof tile process. Each plate is baked at an extremely high temperature (1120°C), which is higher than that of conventional tiles, to produce a smoked layer, thus reducing water absorption and increasing its practicality.

These plates have the ability to retain heat or cold, thus suitable for serving sashimi or other dishes chilled in the fridge, or warmed up beforehand to prevent the food plated on it from getting cold.

Its aesthetic design and subdued colours, makes food look more attractive and adds on a unique look to the interior design even when displayed on its own.

Winner of the 21st Century Ehime Traditional Craft - Ehime's i-Television President's Award in 2009.

Designs in Square Series:
(1) Weave (2) Stream (3) Lattice


Details and Specifications

■Size: 24 x 0.9cm (9.4 x 0.3inch)
■Weight: Approximately 1300g

■Size: 19 x 0.9cm (7.5 x 0.3inch)
■Weight: Approximately 820g

■Size: 14.5 x 0.9cm (5.7 x 0.3inch)
■Weight: Approximately 450g