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Orange Kingdom Ehime

【ACCESSORY】Mizuhiki earrings <Dia>

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Product Description

Handmade accessories supervised by a traditional craftsman of Iyo Mizuhiki.
It is a heavy design finished in a lozenge by the basic "Awaji knot" of mizuhiki. It's so light that you forget you're wearing it.
It is a metal fitting that considers those who are allergic to metal.

Details and specs

(1)blue (decoration size 30×40mm)
(2)koizakura (decoration size 30×40mm)
(3)awazakura (decoration size 35×45mm)
(4)mint green (decoration size 35×45mm)
(5)antique red (decoration size 35×45mm)

※As each item is handmade, size and shape may vary.

■ Weight: Approximately 7g