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Orange Kingdom Ehime

【BABY】100% Organic Cotton Drool Pad Baby Carrier Cover (Set of 2)

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Product Description

Baby carrier covers that function as drool pads. They are fully made of 100% organic cotton without any usage of petroleum-based chemicals in the production process, so that they are safe for babies to lick and to put in their mouths.

It is reversible with raised pile on one side and flat on the other. Simple design that matches all types of carriers and outfit. Certified as an Imabari Towel, a recognition for safe-usage and top quality in Japan and internationally.


Details and Specifications

■Size: 19 x 22.5cm (7.5 × 8.8inch)
■Weight: Approximately 20g each
■Details: Comes in a set of 2, 20/1 pile yarn, Organic Tazanian cotton, non-fluorescent, unbleached. Made in Japan.